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About us

    «DDK Furniture» is a young and fast developing company that delivers ownmade products all around the world. The main advantages of our goods are environmental friendliness, ergonomic, simple elegant design and reasonable price. We concern about production safety and don`t use harmful substances in our manufacturing. That`s why kindergartens are our long-term customers. 

Company`s mission – “To make Your life as comfortable as possible”. We believe that “home” is a comfort, security and coziness; it`s the place in which you always want to come back. Our goal is to bring the pleasant atmosphere in your house by creating pleasant environment using our products.

Each member of «DDK Furniture» is results oriented. We are trying to stay up to date while expanding opportunities, training personnel, following global trends of furniture design and using the newest materials and technologies. 

Our company is a full member of the «Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers» (UAFM). This was approved at the XXVIII Congress of the UAFM.

Why us?

  • Quality. The production of quality goods is the most important aim for us. We`ve developed the total quality control system for preventing defects at the beginning of manufacturing.
  • Speed. We send an order during the same day of taking it.
  • Environmental friendliness. All material used in the production of furniture undergoes strict selection.
  • Comfort. We use solid softwood with essential oils, which help to create an enjoyable climate in placements.
  • High level of service. Our managers are very friendly and ready to provide you full information about products and services.

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Advantages of our products:


We use Scandinavian technologies to create a premium quality product and a Ukrainian price!


The Scandinavian style is ideal for business and home space, without taking any extra space!

And a little more:

Ecologically pure production allows us to use our goods even in kindergartens and hospitals.