Bookshelf RAN5


Height, mm 1600
Width, mm 800
Depth, mm 300
Kind Stelae
Frame Material Wood
Shelf material Wood
Weight, kg 14
Load on the shelf, kg 30


Wooden bookshelf RAN5

The universal wooden bookshelf RAN5 is perfect for your home and office.

It is made of an ecologically clean solid of coniferous species (pine, spruce). No harmful or prohibited substances are used in production.

Shelving will improve the situation and comfort in: the office, your home, school, kindergarten and other places. It is suitable for storage of: books, magazines, newspapers, documents, small boxes, various knickknacks and so on.

The modern LOFT-design of the shelving and unpainted surface, allows it to look good in any interior.

Shelving is delivered in disassembled form for easy transportation. In the kit there are all tools for simple assembly according to the instructions.

It’s very easy to build..

Free delivery when ordering from 3 shelving (in Ukraine).



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